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Fakemon by ShadowoftheSouth


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February 8, 2013
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Contest Fakemon Starters by LukeTheRipper Contest Fakemon Starters by LukeTheRipper
A set of fakemon starters made for the contest at :iconfakemon-adoptables:
The info for these critters are as follows:

Seedillo (Grass) -lv.16-> Guardillo (Grass) -lv.33-> Solarmor (Grass/Electric)
Height: 0.6m/0,9m/1,3m
Weight: 12kg/30kg/105kg
Ability: Overgrow - When HP is below 1/3rd, Grass’s power increases to 1.5 times.
Hidden Ability: Sturdy - The Pokemon is unaffected by One Hit Knock Out moves and also cannot be knocked out when it has full Hit Points.
Base Stat:
40/55/80 - HP
50/60/80 - Atk.
65/95/120 - Def.
50/60/80 - Sp.Atk.
65/95/120 - Sp.Def.
35/40/50 - Spd.
Pokedex entries:
Seedillo: "The seeds forming it's shell are a treat to bird Pokemon. So it uses the seeds as projectiles to protect itself."
Guardillo: "It sheds it's shell often, making it harder and harder each time. The seeds from the dropped shell are still edible, so it's very popular among gourmets and bird Pokemon alike."
Solarmor: "This Pokemon's leafs act like solar panels, giving it enough energy to produce electricity. It uses it to protect it's offspring."
Lv.--/--/~~ Shockwave
Lv.01/~~/~~ Tackle
Lv.01/~~/~~ Growl
Lv.06/~~/~~ Bullet Seed
Lv.08/~~/~~ Growth
Lv.13/~~/~~ Leech Seed
Lv.17/19/~~ Focus Energy
Lv.20/22/~~ Fury Swipes
Lv.24/26/~~ Razor Leaf
Lv.28/30/~~ Slash
Lv.--/--/33 Charge
Lv.--/--/33 Discharge
Lv.33/36/36 Seed Bomb
Lv.37/39/41 Rest
Lv.40/43/45 Iron Defense
Lv.45/--/-- Take Down
Lv.--/48/-- Double-Edge
Lv.--/--/50 Wild Charge
Lv.52/55/59 Solar Beam

Flarash (Fire/Poison) -lv.15-> Wartox (Fire/Poison) -lv.35-> Amphilisk (Fire/Poison)
Height: 0,8m/1m/1,8m
Weight: 23kg/60kg/170kg
Ability: Blaze - When HP is below 1/3rd, Fire’s power increases to 1.5 times.
Hidden Ability: Unnerve - The opponent Pokémon will never use their held Berry while the Pokemon is in battle.
Base Stat:
55/78/103 - HP
37/45/60 - Atk.
35/50/60 - Def.
73/91/120 - Sp.Atk.
73/91/120 - Sp.Def.
38/50/71 - Spd.
Pokedex entries:
Flarash: "To protect itself from predators, this Pokemon releases a variety of poison gasses, yet if that wont work, it sets the gasses aflame."
Wartox: "The amount of poisonous and flamable gasses stored in it's sacks makes this Pokemon almost constantly angry and unstable. It only calms down when using a large portion of the gasses while fighting other Pokemon."
Amphilisk: "Many people thought this Pokemons gaze poertified all it looked at, yet it was proven it's the toxins it releases that immobilize it's prey. After it immobilizes a target, it gobbles it whole."
Lv.01/~~/~~ Pound
Lv.01/~~/~~ Leer
Lv.06/~~/~~ Lick
Lv.10/~~/~~ Poison Gas
Lv.13/~~/~~ Incinerate
Lv.16/--/-- Acid Spray
Lv.--/18/~~ Venoshock
Lv.19/22/~~ Glare
Lv.23/26/~~ Flame Burst
Lv.27/29/~~ Will-O-Wisp
Lv.31/33/~~ Hex
Lv.34/35/35 Bounce
Lv.--/--/35 Heat Crash
Lv.35/37/39 Acid Armor
Lv.--/--/43 Crunch
Lv.--/--/43 Poison Fang
Lv.38/40/46 Lava Plume
Lv.38/40/46 Toxic
Lv.42/45/-- Heat Wave
Lv.--/--/52 Overheat

Furain (Water) -lv.18-> Fureeze (Water/Ice) -lv.36-> Huskice (Water/Ice)
Height: 0,7m/1m/1,5m
Weight: 19kg/44kg/94kg
Ability: Torrent - When HP is below 1/3rd, Water’s power increases to 1.5 times.
Hidden Ability: Defiant - Attack is raised by two stages when the Pokemon has it's stats lowered. Doesn't work on self inflicted stat drops or drops from allies.
Base Stat:
60/65/85 - HP
60/80/110 - Atk.
45/60/75 - Def.
60/75/100 - Sp.Atk.
45/60/75 - Sp.Def.
45/65/95 - Spd.
Pokedex entries:
Furain: "It's very energetic and equally fast on land and in water. It would be an excellent lifeguard if it didn't forget it's orders as soon as it starts playing in the water.
Fureeze: "It spills small snowflakes when wagging it's tail, this is this Pokemona way of marking it's territory."
Huskice: "It's very protective over it's territory and wont hesitate to freeze any unwelcome tresspassers. The more vicious ones mark their territory with their victims' frozen-solid bodies."
Lv.--/--/~~ Extremespeed
Lv.01/~~/~~ Scratch
Lv.01/~~/~~ Tail Whip
Lv.06/~~/~~ Quick Attack
Lv.10/~~/~~ Howl
Lv.14/~~/~~ Water Gun
Lv.18/22/~~ Aqua Jet
Lv.--/18/~~ Ice Shard
Lv.21/25/~~ Odor Sleuth
Lv.25/29/~~ Roar
Lv.29/--/-- Bite
Lv.--/33/~~ Ice Fang
Lv.--/--/36 Icicle Spear
Lv.35/38/42 Water Pulse
Lv.40/43/45 Mist
Lv.42/45/47 Agility
Lv.47/--/-- Aqua Tail
Lv.--/50/55 Blizzard
Lv.--/--/63 Sheer Cold

Whew, I think that's it. if anyone has any further questions (like their origin or name origin, etc.) feel free to ask >3
Hope ya like these, sure was fun to design 'em ^^

Pokemon (c) Nintendo & Gamefreak
All these fakemon (c) Me:iconluketheripper:
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