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Main Character(?) by LukeTheRipper Main Character(?) by LukeTheRipper
Asagi Asagiri (aka Asagi Kurosugi, Asagi Schwarznature) from Nippon Ichi games in general, for :iconneocortex1:

"My precious game... Where I'm the main character... The game where I'm the main character... Yoooooooooou stole it!!!" ~ Asagi, Disgaea 3

Drawn as a belated birthday present for NeoCortex1, Asagi, the wandering "main character", forever cursed to wander the multiverse of Nippon Ichi games as a mere cameo. She's one of the most unique characters in the vast world of jrpgs, since when her original title, where she was meant to be the main heroine, Makai Wars, got cancelled, she did not vanish with it. Instead, she started roaming other Nippon Ichi games as a gameless "main character", always trying to usurp the spotlight. Now that is one awesome way to set up a running joke XD

But still, she's not just laughs and giggles, despite her humorous heritage, she's a very able fighter and master of firearms (the joke + skilled fighter kinda reminds me of Deadpool the more I think about it XD).
And that's what I went for here, wanted to draw her in a dynamic pose, during a shootout or something, doing a spinning jump with her guns. Oh, which reminds me, instead of using guns form the game, I asked NeoCortex1 about hius favourite firearms, to which he replied Five-SeveN and MK16 SCAR, which I did my best to draw in Asagi's hands (damn, real-life guns are still such a pain to draw).

Asagi Kurosugi (c) Nippon Ichi Software
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blackorb00 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017
>>> Awesome, she is one of my fav Nippon Ichi characters.
LukeTheRipper Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool to hear you like it then ^^
She may not be my fav, but she's an amusing character still ^^
blackorb00 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017
>>> She and Axel are my favs. lol
LukeTheRipper Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, yeah, Axel is one of my favs as well XD
My tops would be Zetta and Metallia.

Though I have a soft spot for the Phantom Brave cast, I really love that story, and Cauldron is best papa XD
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